Feeling Expansive

Usually when the fall wind blows and the days get shorter I feel like turning inward. I want to snuggle down under the blankets and enjoy some quality family time. This year there is some of that going on as well and something else. I am feeling really expansive. I have not felt this way for a while. I’m feeling expansive in a very social way. I want to make connections and reach out. The last few days this feeling has become stronger and stronger. I am also feeling cautious. I don’t want to turn my back on all the good changes I have made. In the last year I have put some pretty good boundaries in place. I have also weeded out most of the negative people in my life. Now as I feel the urge to expand I want to be sure that I do it in a healthy way. I am not willing to go back to where I was before. In other words, no compromising my values and self-worth.

As I move forward into making more connections this is what I will keep in mind:

1. I want to draw people to me who are positive.

2. If something or someone feels bad to me, I will listen to my inner voice.

3. As I expand I will only take on things I really want to do and not allow others to push me into things.

4. I will check in with myself often.

5. There is not rush, I have all the time I need to make good choices.



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