Season Of Self Discovery: Experiences

So far we have discussed exploring books, music, and people you might not normally interact with. Another thing you can do to help with self-discovery is to have lots of experiences. Try some things you have never done before. It can be as simple as walking in a different place then you usually walk. You might decide to take a class, go to an art museum, or volunteer to help the elderly. Whatever you choose try to step out of your normal routine. Do you always go to the same gym classes? Take a class somewhere else. A new class, in a new place, with new people might open things up for you. Is it taco Tuesday at your house? Shake things up and make it Thai Tuesday!

I suggest journaling your ideas about possible experiences. Then as you try them you can write about how it went. You might find a new favorite! As you start to experience self-discovery share what you have learned. Having new things to talk about can really revive a stale relationship. Who knows maybe your friend is feeling stuck and will become inspired by your bravery and try some new things for herself. Try not to limit yourself. When you are creating your list just let your imagination roam. It might take you a bit to get to some of these things. Money and time can seem like a limiting factor. You never know what the future holds.

I never thought I would get on a plane and go to Vegas. Now I have a trip planned to go in two weeks. You just never knows what life has in store!



One thought on “Season Of Self Discovery: Experiences

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